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I have been a trippy-hippy travelin’ cross-country following my favorite rock ‘n roll band, a globe-trotting activist/missionary, a mentor to at-risk inner-city kids, and a tent-dwelling vagabond roaming the southern U.S.

I’ve had crappy J.O.B.s and owned my own business. I’m an author, a leadership and identity coach, and I’ve taught people worldwide how to live an EPIC life, a life that is overflowing with meaning, adventure, purpose, wonder, and discovery.

And now I’ve started my own internet show.

God help us all.

One Response to Show Highlights

  1. Hi Brian

    I just finished reading your article in the Beehive newsletter. It was very well written and thought provoking. Isn’t it funny how we now long to go back to the sole proprietor role.

    Regards, Karen

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