My Epic Book

The Human Code:
A Journey Towards Purpose

by Brian M. Herr

My “Slow Dawn”

In 1995, when I was 18, something began to happen to me. I like to call it my “slow dawn.” This may sound a bit strange, but stay with me. It’ll all come around.

Have you ever sat and watched the sunrise? Do you know how, at first, your eyes dart back and forth, searching for any indication of light? Then, gradually, the earth’s features begin to come into focus. The colors all move from shadows and darkness, to gray, until finally everything becomes illuminated, and you can see the world for what it is.

Early on, I would catch glimpses of a world that was far different from the one I thought I knew. But they were just glimpses, fleeting and vague.

But then as surely as the sun rises, the world began to come alive to me like never before. I felt myself being guided along, almost as if I was a central character in some epic novel. Often times life seemed to happen to me, as if I walked right into a paragraph or scene that was already taking place, and I was being directed on the fly.

As my story continued to unfold, there were these moments of utter and total clarity, as if I was allowed to “read between the lines” of life. I’m sure this has happened to you at times. They are those moments of revelation that shape and change us, point us towards that…something.

I soon discovered that “something” for me was purpose and truth. And a funny thing happened to me on my journey: my entire life changed. And it is in this changing, this journey, that The Human Code was born.

A Life of Purpose

This book is fruit. It is fruit from my quest for purpose and understanding. It is evidence that I’m on the right track, something that validates my long nights and leaps of faith.

What is your fruit? I don’t ask that in a “look what I’ve done, what have you done” kind of way, but I ask because if you are living a life of purpose, you are bound to have fruit. If you can’t think of what fruit you may have to show for your all your living, maybe you’re not living out your purpose.

And that’s a big problem.

The Point of This Life is Life. To Live Large.

As Mel Gibson’s character said in the movie Braveheart,

“Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”

A life of purpose is an epic life. It is a life that changes things and people. But the sad truth is, most people either don’t know their purpose, or even worse, that there is a purpose for them to discover. Most people choose, either intentionally or unintentionally, to merely exist rather than explore the full scope and depth of their lives. My question to you: are you living? Or are you simply existing?

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but this is perhaps one of the most important questions that you can answer. Until you know, you will find yourself floating and drifting through life, disjointed and unfulfilled.

What “The Human Code” Will Do For You

We are meant to be fully functioning, totally alive beings. In every way.

The goal of The Human Code is to help you understand what that means to you and how to do it. This book will challenge you to think about your unique place in this world and what you’re here for.

It will force you to consider the possibility that you just might not be on this journey alone, that there is a very real plan and blueprint for your life already constructed.

It will reveal the network of elements, systems and influences embedded within the framework of this world and ourselves that work for and against us as we pursue truth and purpose, and how you can begin to free yourself by recognizing just what those elements, systems and influences are.

Inside this book you will find:

  • That *You’re Right* to believe that there is a thread that connects us all
  • The one all important question you MUST ask yourself before you can begin to discover your purpose
  • The one place you must learn to look in your journey towards purpose
  • Why you feel the need to love, laugh, explore, question, and be free
  • Why balance is SO VITAL to feel truly alive and at your best
  • Why humanity continues to struggle with the cycle of hatred, violence and oppression
  • What happens when you ignore your spirit
  • The Law embedded in our universe that determines the the state of your health, wisdom, finances, free time, and more
  • The principle that will unlock your understanding of why you feel your best effort isn’t enough

Trailer for The Human Code

Rob’s Testimonial of The Human Code

One Response to My Epic Book

  1. David King says:

    Love the enthusiasm and new you Brian! 🙂

    We need to chat on skype some time bro!

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