Internet Superstar Jimmy Davis Reveals His (um) Shoe Size

April 6, 2009

Listen as social media marketing guru and spiritual rock star Jimmy Davis reveals his secrets, bares his soul, and tells us how big his (um) shoe size is.

Also, is Jimmy a Schlion?

And does Jimmy like Twitter or Facebook more?

This is part I of III parts.  This first part is kind of a getting to know Jimmy Davis.  Some fun, light questions before we move on to some deeper stuff in the second and third video.

At the beginning, Jimmy is talking about a basketball game between he and Larry Corbi, a Rich Dad Poor Dad Insider and a recent guest on this show.

It’s important to understand what REALLY happened during this EPIC basketball game at the secret dojo where Jimmy lives.  Between the beer, the zombies, and the ninjas, it’s hard to say what really went down.

Keep it right here…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Day 9 – Interview With A Rich Dad Poor Dad *Insider*

February 23, 2009

Many people have heard of the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and it’s author, Robert Kiyosaki. It has, after all, been a best seller for the past couple years.

So what does Robert Kiyosaki think about the current state of our economy? What is he investing in right now that YOU should be aware of?

Find out as I interview Larry Corbi, an *insider* in Robert Kiyosaki’s circle.

Hear what Larry has to say about silver and gold, the economy, and what information you should have on this very important subject.

Special thanks to Larry for taking the time to give me this interview.  I had to drag him away from surfing the sunny shores of LA and his piles of cash.

Visit his website to see training, loads of free advice, and to sign up for his newsletter so that you can stay ahead of the curve.