Careers: An Invention of the 20th Century (Pt. V)

April 27, 2009

The Return of Purpose

Not only do I believe that this lifestyle choice is critical to our long term financial life, I believe that something happens deep within us when we choose the road less traveled.

We come to life.
We connect with what it means to be a fully functioning human being.
We discover that our story is more amazing than we ever realized.
We discover the epic that was lying in wait.

When we make the decision to launch out and break from what’s “normal,” the world begins to change. It takes on a different glow. The same things you’ve looked at a million times suddenly look more meaningful and logical.

Yeah, we’ll make mistakes on this course. We’ll get lost and hurt and scared. But we’ll experience highs and thrills that are unmatched on the “safe” and “traditional” path. And the further we go and the harder we push, the closer we get to discovering that most amazing of discoveries.

Our real life.

SpaceBankers on This Human Epic

The Rebirth of The Entrepreneur

Maybe this picture of the future seems very unlikely to you. It’s possible that you already have a pretty good idea of what your future holds. You might be in a really good situation, something that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt has a good future.

But maybe you don’t, which is more likely.

question mark

About five years ago, I began to realize that this is where our world was heading. I was working as a graphic designer in a medium-sized corporation in Pittsburgh, and it was a dead-end.

I knew I needed to make a change, so I began looking into buying houses to fix up and resell. I didn’t know a thing about business, but I was determined to make things work. My life, my family, and my future depended on it.

Since that time, I’ve discovered that the entrepreneur’s journey is something amazing. It is an adventure, full of both good and bad; hard times and rewarding times; abundance and scarcity.

I believe that to survive in the world that is right around the corner, we must move back towards living an entrepreneurial life.

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