Talking Leadership With USAF General (ret.) Ronald Haeckel

Today’s guest is someone who is not only one of the most respected and authentic leaders I know, he also happens to be my father-in-law (so I’ve got to say nice things about him 🙂

Seriously though, you don’t get to be a general in the United States Air Force just by luck or happenstance. You’ve got to work hard, get results, and walk a very straight line.

Over the course of his 25+ year career, Ron commanded thousands of people.  At the peak of his career in the 90’s, he was commander of two of the United States’ most strategic missile bases.  If an enemy country were to have launched on us, Ron was there to command and oversee the response.

During his later years, he worked in Washington D.C. at the Department of Energy where he was in charge of fusing the Air Force with the civilian  corporate structure of business.  He oversaw a massive budget (he told me one time it was in the billions) while managing mostly civilian workers.

Here’s his official bio:

“Brig. Gen. Ronald J. Haeckel is Principal Assistant Deputy Administrator for Military Application, National Nuclear Security Administration, Department of Energy, Washington, D.C. As the senior military officer assigned to the NNSA, he ensures the administration provides safe, secure and reliable nuclear weapons to meet Department of Defense requirements; directs U.S. nuclear stockpile maintenance and support functions; and provides oversight for all defense programs within the DOE”

(see full bio HERE)

I’m also linking to a paper Ron wrote on the characteristics of a successful leader.  You can see this HERE: Characteristics of Success by Ronald Haeckel.

I hope that you take as much about leadership from this interview as I did.  Enjoy and learn from the best!

(click to listen or right click to download)


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