Careers: An Invention of the 20th Century (Pt. VI)

What Does This Mean To You?

Does this mean that you have to go back to school or switch your current major to business? Should you do what I did and go buy real estate?

Probably not, although having some business knowledge under your belt is very helpful. And real estate can be one of the best long term ways to make sure that you are financially stable.

What I’m talking about is bigger than just financial security to you. It’s much more important than that. What I’m talking about is knowing your strengths, passions, and desires, and then crafting a life around those.


The beautiful thing about the age we live in is that it’s never been easier to begin building a life that has both the long term financial security we seek and the thrill of doing something we actually want to do.

In my coaching program, we explore what this means to you. We hone in on your passions, dreams, skills and talents, and then work on a plan to help you live those things out. If you’d like to know more about this unique coaching experience, click here.

Summing It All Up

We are in the midst of the next major work revolution. How we work and what we know will be very different very soon. Companies and corporations are getting slimmer and trimmer, and they will do whatever it takes to stay competitive, including massive layoffs without warning and outsourcing, .

If you are under the age of forty, this should be something that you’re very concerned about. You must realize that it is extremely risky to put your faith in the system and establishment of the corporate world

And finally, you should begin to formulate a plan of action so that you are able to control how you make your living, a plan that doesn’t rely on an employer. It starts with knowing yourself, and then progresses to actionable steps to ensure that you will never again have to be at the mercy of someone else.

If you don’t know how to begin or feel overwhelmed by this, please contact me right now so that we can see if my coaching program is right for you.

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