Learn **Valuable $$-Making INSIDER** Knowledge While Having FUN!

Come be a part of one of the fastest growing internet TV reality shows on the web! If you are self-motivated and willing to learn, we want you to join our team and explode your knowledge of Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, marketing and/or PR.

We are currently looking for 7 interns, one for each of the following areas:

  • Twitter
  • MySpace
  • YouTube
  • Securing interviews with fascinating, paradigm-shifting individuals
  • Arranging promotional interviews with radio stations across the country
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Research

We are excited to team up with you and help you develop laser-sharp abilities in the field of your choice

This is an UNPAID internship, but the knowledge you’ll gain from us regarding marketing, communications, PR, and business will be more than enough to enable YOU to **begin creating massive income for yourself!**

(We’ll make sure of it!  We LOVE to teach this stuff)

So come get the **VALUABLE INSIDER** information for FREE that hundreds of people PAY for while expanding your skills and knowledge!

Please email us at brianherrtv@gmail.com with a brief description about yourself, your resume, and the area of learning that has captured your attention.


One Response to Learn **Valuable $$-Making INSIDER** Knowledge While Having FUN!

  1. David King says:

    that’s awesome man! 🙂
    Like the new site and intern idea!

    I know you’ll kill it! 🙂

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