Michael Fletcher – Adventures in Business Leadership

While coaching over 800 clients on a personal and business level Michael has assisted individuals to improve at least one, but usually several different areas of their lives and businesses. He has lectured in front of a variety of groups ranging in size from 5 to 1500 people.

He first started his career by spending 12 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, where drive and determination were ingrained into his work ethic and a never give up attitude emerged.Michael moved onto the next part of his journey by becoming an entrepreneur. Some of his businesses were huge successes and one ended in bankruptcy, which became a very valuable lesson in itself. With Michael’s diverse business experience and personal growth he has a tremendous amount of wisdom and insight to offer others.

Michael moved home to Ontario 3 years ago with his wife, Dawn. They streamlined their Business Coaching Company to reflect the needs of business owners in Ontario. Michael’s exciting “Shameless series has been transformed into a popular book and they continue to travel Ontario teaching business owners the values of promotions, referrals in networking.

In the summer of 2007 they launched their popular Beehive Networking Game in an online form. Now business owners all over Ontario can network effectively from the comfort of their own home or office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  This site produced more than 4000 leads in the first year!

Michael has learned form the best. He has spent time with people like Dr. John Demartini, Jay Abraham, Jack Canfield, Blair Singer, Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen and T. Harv Eker, all of whom have become his mentors. His passion lies in inspiring and empowering people to raise their level of consciousness so they can live in their purpose while having a much fuller and enjoyable life.

Michael Fletcher Personal Factoids

  • Is a decorated Canadian Soldier
  • Built the largest massage company in Canada in 2 ½ years
  • Has purchased houses and a shopping mall with no money down
  • He has read the teachings of most of the major religions of the world
  • He has been to the North Pole twice
  • Has competed in triathlons and adventure racing
  • Nominated for Business of the Year in Alberta
  • Nominated or Business Leader of the Year in Ontario in 2007
  • Written several training manuals and books including most recently
  • “Shameless” a Business Coach’s Guide to Success
  • Has been involved in the mentoring process for many years. Most recently he has mentored though the Perth Community Futures Program in Milverton Ontario.
  • Has appeared on a variety of radio and television programs on both the local and national level

Michael also just climbed the CN Tower in Toronto as a charity for the World Wildlife Fund.

Through the power of Twitter (follow me at twitter.com/brianherrtv) I was able to hook up an AMAZING interview with one of the brightest and most innovative business coaches out there.  The interview is a little long (about 55 min) but TOTALLY worth every second.


(right click to download)

Here are a few of Michael’s TV appearences:




You can see everything he’s up to, visit http://neworldcoaching.com


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