Day 8 – Interview with a (Digital) Gangsta

Wanna know what Eric “The Digital Gangster” Green has to say to new and seasoned internet marketers?

Want to hear what *Valuable* advice he has for people using social media to promote their products and services?

Listen as I *grill* him about what it takes to succeed and prosper in the world of internet/network marketing.

By the way, here is Eric’s Story, taken from his blog at


How in the world did a burned out salesman from North Carolina actually create success online? I mean I didn’t really know anything about Internet Marketing but here is what I did have! Drive, Passion, and a Hunger to succeed.

I have had a lot of struggles over the years trying to build network marketing companies with old school methods and getting kicked in the mouth on a regular basis. The greatest thing you can do is realize that our success is inside you and there is no program or product that can replace the power of your subconscious mind. Please take a look below at what I’ve been able to accomplish over the last year and understand that I can help each one obtain success. If you have no money yet has a desire to win — I can help you.

Remember… I knew nothing!!!

I have been published in a book discussing “New School Marketing Techniques” that is now being sold on The book was written by Bea Fields, and is called “Millennial Leaders.”

Millennial Leaders: Success Stories From Today’s Most Brilliant Generation Y Leaders

I was asked to join the advisory board to represent the U.S. for my Network Marketing Business.

I am a co–founder of GUTz Media Training — a site dedicated to helping people learn the How To’s of Web 2.0 and Rejection Free Marketing Strategies — which has since been turned over to Armando Arias.

I helped form an online community called the GUTz Community! You can google us up if you’d like to.

I co–founded Instant Viral Exposure along with Holly Powell

Bottom line here is I can help you if you are hungry!

Eric Green (a.k.a. “The Digital Gangster”)
Skype id: thedigitalgangster


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